Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumors

This post is a little out of our usual elements but since there are some major rumors out their, we figured why not report on one of the other franchises under the MLSE brand, The Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs have been subject to many rumors over the last two weeks, due to their inability to collect points over the last 5 games, posting a record of 0-4-1 over that time. There has been signs of worry from leafs nation and because everything is under the microscope in this city, it starts the talks of possible trades the Leafs could make to secure themselves a spot in the post season. With 19 games remaining in this short season, the Leafs have found themselves in a little bit of a tail spin, one we have see before, that ends up costing them a playoff position, but what pieces do they need to get them over this slump. The Leafs according to numerous reports are still in the hunt for a center and a top four defense-men, which is kind of bland, as most teams are looking for the same. A rumor that has surfaced over the last couple of days, is that the Leafs are eyeing Rebeiro from the Capitals, who has played well this season, scoring 9 goals and adding 19 assists in 24 games. But the problem is Ribeiro is much like Nazem Kadri of the Leafs, who is already playing well and could just be given more ice time.  To get Ribeiro the Leafs would have to part with a second round draft prick and a prospect, which is much of the same of what the Capitols gave up to get him from Dallas. Now Ribeiro is a good player, has veteran experience, and can help with scoring and play-making, but in my opinion, the Leafs should not make this move, as they not only have a similar player on the team right know who playing well in Kadri, but it goes against their philosophy of having big players.

In terms of a top four defense-men there has been no players named but a few players that could help them and that could be available are Jay Bouwmeester and Robyn Regehr. If their respective teams continue to fall these players could be assets that the Flames and Sabres are willing to part with.

The last 5 games for the Leafs have been disappointing, however their next two games against the Lightning and Sabres should be games that they win. These next two games are also crucial for the Leafs as they have two games coming up against Boston.      

Being a player in Toronto means that when things are going well the media praises you, however when the team goes on a little slide the team is under the microscope and the rumor mill is created. But rumors are just speculations and we have to wait until something actually happens.

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