Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is Amir Johnson The Answer to Raptors Center Position

Amir Johnson is a work horse that plays his heart out every night for the Toronto Raptors, he is valuable player to have in the locker that is respected by team members and has shown that he can play at high levels on a consistent basis. However, with that being said, is Amir Johnson the answer to the Raptors Center position. Although he has shown his ability to work hard night in and night out, and ability to bang on the boards, he is still is not the typical Center that the Raptors are looking for that can compete with the big boys. Amir would be a much better threat coming off the bench and give the Raps much needed help in terms of bench scoring and defense. Now the Raps currently do not have much options available to them in terms of Centers, other than Jonas Valancuinas, however he is a rookie, still young and developing, so for now Amir is they guy. The Center position and bench scoring is the main concerns for the Raptors, and addressing this in the off season will be a top priority. An idea for the Raps would be to ideally make a deal for Pau Gasol from the Lakers, and let him handle of the duties of a Center and shift Amir to another position or have him come off the bench. In addition, to address the bench scoring, if the Raps do in fact acquire Gasol, they can try and lure back Calderon, as the two have played together on the Spanish team and are good friends off the court. I think that these moves will address both needs for the Raptors and give them the ability to better compete in the East.

For now Amir is they guy for the Center position, and has played well, as we have seen in most recent game against the Golden State Warriors, where he has big for the Raptors on the offensive boards. However, as the season approaches an end, the Raptors will look to address situation and find a more suitable Center that can help improve the Raptors rebounding on both the offensive and defensive ends, as they are among the leagues worst in this category, and one that could add valuable scoring. All in all, Amir is a valuable player for the Raps, the key for the Raps is deciding what they will do in the off season and then determine what role Amir will play on the team.

Depending on the pieces that Raps add this summer, do you think Amir should start or come off the bench next season

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